Surreality is a comic about the two areas of life that all of us must choose between at some point in our lives: adolescence and maturity. The world of Surreality is not filled with costumed heroes or supernatural ghosts and goblins, but rather real people. Moments that seem hyper real or like déjà vu mix with the surreal and dream logic to make Surreality a place oddly similar to our own world… only cooler.

The story focuses on Sydney and her friends Chloe and Chase as they attempt to make a life for themselves as well as with each other in a culture of immediate gratification and technology saturation.

Witty, heart-warming, challenging, and real, Surreality is a world of pop-culture, music, real situations, and the questions we all find ourselves facing.

Caleb King is a writer and illustrator who makes his home in Joliet, Illinois. His web-comic Surreality is about slacker girl Sydney who escapes into daydreams to avoid responsibility, but is forced to find her own path towards maturity when her corpse-like subconscious begins to haunt her. Witty, dark, sexy, and injected with a cast of characters straight out of our own lives, Surreality kicks us in the gut and forces us to admit that real life is for suckers.Caleb's illustrations focus on minimalist ideas, and pop-culture icons. By using watercolor to bring both tightly rendered objects and innate chaos, he is able to use this beautiful medium to bring to life his own creations, and those iconic characters we all recognize. 
Twitter/Instagram: @Caleb_King

Nicolás R. Giacondino (N.R.G!), is a professional illustrator and comic-book artist, based in Mar del Plata, Argentina.

He began drawing at a young age and has since developed a fresh and unique style that has garnered much attention and acclaim from audiences and colleagues alike.
His fan work on Games-Workshop's Warhammer 40,000 property (under the 'Aerion the Faithful' alias), his first graphic novel UTOPIA, as well as his successful webcomic projects 'Free Mars', 'Flight of the Binturong' and 'Divinity' are some of the highlights of his career.

He is currently pencilling 'Shogun Knight Dyson V' with acclaimed writer Mat Nastos and illustrating several webcomic projects for OUTLAND Entertainment, as well as doing a series of illustrated books on Norse Mythology for Norhalla LLC., entitled 'Legends'.

As of October 2015, he is the ongoing artist of Surreality.